Paraty, a colonial town in Brazil

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Paraty, a colonial town in Brazil

Along the coast between Rio and Sao Paulo lies Paraty; a Portuguese colonial and Brazilian imperial town. Entering its historic city centre is like returning in time. The streets are paved with rough cobblestones, cars aren't allowed so carriages carry around goods and people, and the houses are all white with a few vividly coloured strikes around doors and windows. For such a small town, you wouldn't expect it to be that alive. It has a really cosy and secure feeling to it.

Day 1

We arrived too late in Paraty for some proper exploring, so we did some 'alternative tourism' instead: go to a local grocery store and buy every piece of fruit you don't know or recognise. For us, this was an interesting evening activity with maracuja, abacate, 2 kinds of manga and papaya tasting. Previously we already discovered açai and goiaba.

Açai is some kind of berry, and it's quite popular; it's used in all kinds of drinks, juices, cookies, ice cream, ... Try it!

Paraty - Different kinds of fruit

Day 2: Praia do Sono

Not too far from Paraty, you can find a hidden beach: Praia do Sono. The only ways to get there are hiking or taking a boat. We chose to hike and got there in about 50min - but it's not to be underestimated; it's not a simple stroll along the coastline, but a tiring climb over a steep hill in the rainforest. While we were walking in this forest, it felt as if a hundred eyes were on us. Everywhere we passed, nature around us started rustling. We caught a glimpse of (loads of) some kind of lizards, and even a snake.

Paraty - Something running across the path Paraty - Snake

And then came the beach, a real beauty: a totally isolated stroke of sand right next to the green forest. Very few people come here, so we had the place almost to ourselves. I went for a swim in the clear blue water, while Vincent took advantage of the peace and quiet to do some reading.

Paraty - Praia do Sono Paraty - Praia do Sono Paraty - Praia do Sono

In the evening, we explored Paraty some more...

Paraty - Paraty Paraty - Paraty Paraty - Paraty

Day three: Trindade

The following day the bus took us to the beaches of Trindade. Whether you'll enjoy it or not, depends on what you're looking for. If you want to chill at the beach, drink a beer with your buddies and enjoy loud background music, this is where you should go. It surely is a beautiful place, but it's extremely crowded and except for sunbathing, there isn't really much to do.

Paraty - Crowded Trindade beach

If you run out of things to do, here's a challenge: buy a green coconut and try to open it without tools. This will probably keep you occupied for at least two days.


You might not know...

... that even though buses have fixed stops, they also let you on or off if you just wave along the road waves or if you press the stop button - even if they just stopped 50 meters ago.

Don't expect to get anywhere fast :)

Practical information

  • To get to Praia do Sono: take the bus to Laranjeiras (number 1030), get off at the last stop. A bus ticket to Laranjeiras or Trindade takes +/-45 minutes and costs R$ 3,40. The path to the beach lies somewhat hidden between the houses uphill.
  • We stayed at the Historic Centre Hostel (Rua Dona Geralda 211). It's clean, the patio is really nice, the rooms are okay and the staff is friendly. Prices start at R$27,50. Lots of mosquitos at night though, so take precautions.

More pictures

The hike to Praia do Sono Paraty - Praia do Sono Paraty - Praia do Sono Acai ice cream! How do you hang up a mosquito net? Redneck it.


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