Gaufres and Waffles

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Gaufres and Waffles

For many people, the word ‘waffle’ automatically generates mental images of the most extravagant waffles, topped with chocolate, whipped cream, powdered sugar, sprinkles, fruit… You name it. Utterly mindblowing combinations have been explored and are available somewhere in Brussels. That’s not completely true for the savory waffle however, so that’s where Gaufres and Waffles wants to make a difference.

Gaufres and Waffles

Located in the beautiful Brussels Royal Gallery, Gaufres and Waffles presents the waffle as a meal rather than a snack or a dessert. The star chef Yves Mattagne has revisited the classic waffle recipe by exploring its savory side. The result is a light gourmet waffle with exclusive toppings like lobster, salmon, duck…

Although I was tempted by the Gaufre & Ham + Cheese (which reminds me of the Brittany savory crepes I’m crazy about), I followed the suggestions of the manager who was raving about the Gaufre & Salmon. My partner tried the Gaufre & Duck + foie gras. The dough was slightly crispy and so light it could almost fly away, whereas the toppings were spread out over the waffle with great care. The combination of ingredients, somewhat experimental, works out extremely well. One small part of the waffle is left empty on purpose, thereby offering you the chance to fully enjoy the taste of the bare waffle.

Gaufres and Waffles Gaufres and Waffles Gaufres and Waffles
Gaufres and Waffles

Apart from 7 different savory waffles, they also offer a selection of 6 sweet waffles and 2 cones with various toppings. We didn’t try those, but judging from the waffles that were served around me, they must be yummy too.

Logically, this luxury waffle comes with a price. Expect to pay between 8,50 and 13,50 EUR per waffle. In exchange you can observe the exclusive setting of the galleries while eating. If all the tables “outside” (still within the covered shopping arcades) are occupied, you can also look for a spot inside, which features a relatively small seating area with a bright and sleek design.

Gaufres and Waffles

Practical information

  • Gaufres and Waffles is situated within the Brussels Royal Gallery, more precisely in the Galerie du Roi 6
  • Gaufres and Waffles is open every day from 11h30 to 19h
  • More information on their Facebook page or Instagram account


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