Brunch'art at Brass'Art

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Brunch'art at Brass'Art

Sundays are for brunches. And plants. And friends. Last Sunday was pretty good, as all those criteria were met almost simultaneously. When friends came over to visit our new apartment in Laeken, we took them to a plant swap event in the bio shop Le Rayon Vert nearby. But first, we went to the new Brass’Art on Place Bockstael for brunch!

BrassArt Laeken

The Cultural Center Maison de la Création is the former townhouse of Laeken that serves as setting for this weekly event. Built in 1920, the neo-renaissance building dominates the Place Bockstael. Inside, the elegant stairs and giant chandelier against the ceiling are the main points of interest. The large open space has been given a homely touch with DIY pallet tables and funky furniture with red accents. If you look up, you'll find paper jellyfish and other decorations floating in the air.

BrassArt Laeken

In this beautiful building, Brass’Art organizes all kinds of events such as concerts, improvisation nights, movie nights bookswaps, cultural debates… They hope to improve social cohesion by bringing together the inhabitants, volunteers and local artists alike.

BrassArt Laeken BrassArt Laeken

On Sundays, anyone is welcome between 11 AM and 3 PM for brunch, or Brunch’Art as it is called. Knowing the food is limited, it’s better to come early though.

Brunch costs 10 euros and includes:

  • a sandwich with salmon
  • bread with cheese, ham and butter
  • a croissant
  • boiled or scrambled eggs
  • a yoghurt
  • a hot beverage
  • a cold beverage

In a time where brunching has become trendy and expensive, the Brass’Art brunch is a rather good deal. The food was simple, but tasty. Portions were large enough to last us until the evening.

BrassArt Laeken

Note: Our friends (young parents) approved of this place as being kid-friendly, given that there is space to move around and that it is okay if the little ones are noisy.

Practical information

  • Address : Place Bockstael, 1020 Laeken
  • How to get here? The metro stop Bockstael lies just in front
  • Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday. Brunches are from 11:00 to 15:00 on Sundays.
  • Check out the Brass’Art Digitaal Café Facebook page to learn about all their events.


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