Original ideas for Valentine's Day in Brussels

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Original ideas for Valentine's Day in Brussels

Who said Paris was the capital of romance? That means they haven’t experienced Valentine’s Day in Brussels yet! Brussels provides big city romance mixed with sensational food, intimate bars and surprising gifts. With all it has to offer, the problem will not be searching for romantic activities but rather choosing from the countless options. We have put together our most romantic ideas, which will definitely make your hearts beat faster.

Spend the night in a former rendez-vous hotel

In the thirties, Le Berger was an intimate rendez-vous hotel where lovers discretely met to spend a few hours together. Today, it is no longer a rendez-vous hotel, but it still playfully hints to its erotic past. All the rooms have a slightly different vintage design and are named after women like Blanche, Lola, Ambre, Camille… The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a thin satin curtain so that you’re not missing out on interesting moments like the undressing or bathing of your lover. The elevator, finally, is very small so that you have no choice but to stay very close to each other.

If you want to spice things up a bit more, you should book the Love Escape package and you’ll receive a bottle of prosecco and a love box (containing titillating massage oil, excitement gel, moistering gel, a pencil for body writing and 2 condoms). An extra benefit is the late check-out at 15:00.

All in all, Le Berger is one of the prettiest art deco hotels in Brussels. Even if you’re not spending the night there, you can still go for a drink in their cozy bar Vini Divine Aperitivi.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - Le Berger hotel Valentine's Day in Brussels - Le Berger hotel Valentine's Day in Brussels - Le Berger hotel Valentine's Day in Brussels - Le Berger hotel

Have an intimate dinner in an art-nouveau masterpiece

Brussels has many romantic restaurants, but one that will definitely impress your date is La Quincaillerie in Ixelles. Once an ironmonger’s shop, the place has transformed into an elegant art deco restaurant with decorative elements that still refer to its former identity. Ask for a table on the first floor and you’ll be seated next to the old hardwood drawers with a view over the rest of the restaurant. It’s a dimly-lit and quiet spot where you can enjoy a romantic dinner without being disturbed by anyone.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - La Quincaillerie

Relax together at the wellness

Waer Waters is a large wellness center in Groot-Bijgaarden with hot and cold pools, saunas, jacuzzis, hammams… Put your phone in the locker alongside with all your stress and worries and focus instead on relaxing your mind and body. When you’re not in the water, you can try a meditation session, a body massage or have a cocktail in the bar. If you’re hungry, you can go for lunch in the restaurant. The best part is that you can do all of it in your bathrobe! The facility also features an indoor fireplace with blankets, which is perfect to cuddle and doze off in the arms of your partner.

Aim for the heart… during a game of axe-throwing

Tired of all that romantic lovey-dovey bullshit? Well, here’s a very alternative activity for couples: try your hand at axe-throwing at Woodcutter. They’ve modified the shape of the target into a heart, so your mission is to aim at the heart and win him/her over. (Put like that, it’s still a little bit romantic, no?)

Valentine's Day in Brussels - Woodcutter

Hold hands while visiting Bright Brussels

Bright Brussels is a yearly light festival with impressive installations and a great occasion for a walk in the center of Brussels. Take it slowly, marvel at the artworks and steal a kiss at each of them. (You’re lucky, because there’s many.) If you’re cold, you can always snuggle in one of the cozy bars that dot the itinerary.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - Bright Brussels

Offer a gift with a story

It’s always hard to find personal gifts that really surprise your other half, but sometimes it’s just the story behind the present that makes all the difference. A pair of earrings isn’t a soulless object anymore once you know who made them. That’s why Manneke stands out: all the products here are created by Brussels-based artists and the owner is eager to tell you about their background and their creators. In the end, you’re not just taking home an object, but also a story.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - Manneke Valentine's Day in Brussels - Manneke

Create a personal perfume for your beloved one

A scent is often linked to a place, an encounter or a moment in one’s life. Do you still remember the scent of the place where you first met? Or where you first kissed? Particular scents can bring back so many memories and emotions, and that’s very personal. This is something they’re very conscious about at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs.

That’s why the owner Adja offers a very unique service by creating personalized perfumes based on your own preferences. If you want to surprise your date with a very exceptional gift, you can create your own perfume and name it after him/her. Even though he/she is already special to you, he/she will stand out even more thanks to this very unique perfume that no one else has.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs

Do a romantic photoshoot

Still looking for a gift? You can never go wrong with pralines, but have you ever considered offering a couple shoot for a change? The difference with pralines is that those memories will last forever and you’ll have some exceptional photos from your time together in Brussels. Apart from some very romantic vantage points, Brussels also boasts alternative locations that make for a unique and memorable photo shoot. More information on this website.

Valentine's Day in Brussels - couple shoot

Looking for more romantic ideas?

We’ve created this shortlist to make sure you didn’t drown in an overload of information. (That would kinda take the romance away, wouldn’t it?) But if you’re up for more, check out our other article on romantic activities in Brussels.


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