Best restaurants with a terrace in Brussels

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Best restaurants with a terrace in Brussels

The weather in Brussels is not always bright and sunny. That’s why whenever the sun is out, people enjoy the opportunity for a drink or a meal outside on a ‘terrasse’. So, if you are in the Belgian capital during the Summer months or if you are fortunate to enjoy a sun-soaked day during your trip, here is an overview of great restaurants with outdoor seating in Brussels.

1) Noordzee – Mer du Nord

This is my absolute number one for an outdoor brunch or lunch in the center of Brussels. At Noordzee-Mer du Nord, you can order a variety of fresh fish tapas, which are great to share and go down very well with a glass of white wine. After ordering, you can eat your fish tapas at the standing tables located on the beautiful [Place Sainte-Catherine]().

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Mer du Nord

2) Restobières

Although the outdoor terrace isn’t very large, I still wanted to list this Belgian restaurant among my top recommendations. Restobières features a few tables on the outdoor terrace in the Rue des Renard, so make sure to get there early or make a reservation beforehand. This cobble-stone paved street is not only traffic-free but also super charming, rewarding you with a lovely outdoor dinner setting.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Restobières

3) Chaff

Situated on [Place Jeu de Balles](), Chaff has one of the largest outdoor terraces in Brussels. On a sunny day, the outdoor seating area fills up quickly, which makes sense as it’s a great spot to enjoy the sun and observe the hustle and bustle of the daily flea market.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Chaff

4) Le Renard Bleu

Just like his neighbor Restobières, Le Renard Bleu has an outdoor seating area in the cobblestone-clad Rue des Renard. Additionally, it also has a lovely courtyard on the backside where you can enjoy a simple meal in utmost peace and quiet.

Best restaurants with a terrace - Le Renard Bleu

5) Cook and Book

At Cook and Book, it’s always difficult to decide on the best spots to sit. Inside, you’ll be dining in an original setting surrounded by innumerable books, whereas outside you have a lot of space on the round multi-level courtyard. While the kids go all out on this improvised playground, you can keep an eye on them from the outdoor seating area and catch up with your dinner companion.

Best restaurants with a terrace - Cook and Book

6) Bistro-bar Voisin

Situated in the Chatelain area, bistro-bar Voisin is characterized by its beautiful industrial design. Nevertheless, on a sunny day, it will be hard to resist the sun-drenched terrace – which is even more enjoyable when combined with one of their fancy cocktails!

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Bistro-bar Voisin

7) Kriti

This Greek restaurant is situated on Place Bethléhem in Saint-Gilles. Nevertheless, on a beautiful day, it’ll be easy to picture yourself somewhere in the Mediterranean as the lush outdoor terraces fill up and your table gets decked with Greek mezze and Ouzo. The large Bethléhem square featuring a fountain in the center also makes a great playground for kids.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Kriti

8) Chez Gudule

This Belgo-Vietnamese restaurant facing the St. Michael and St. Gudula cathedral on Place Sainte-Gudule caters an original menu where Asian specialties meet Belgian classics. When the weather allows, it’s nice to take a seat on the outdoor terrace which features a nice display of typical Brussels architecture and is relatively car-free.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Chez Gudule

9) Be Burger

Be Burger on Place Sainte-Catherine has a cozy outdoor terrace facing the sea-food place Mer du Nord which we’ve discussed above. Enjoy a (veggie or non-veggie) burger while observing the buzz on the square.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Be Burger

10) Le Perroquet

Although we’re not one 100% convinced of the portions offered by Le Perroquet, we’re still very much in awe of their beautiful terrace and Art Nouveau architecture. It’s situated in the gorgeous Sablon area and surrounded by countless fancy boutiques. In order to blend in, Le Perroquet steps up by offering original pitta’s with style.

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Best restaurants with a terrace - Le Perroquet


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