Shops offering delivery services in Brussels

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Shops offering delivery services in Brussels

We’re all trying to stay inside and stay safe, but we still need groceries and other stuff to keep busy. Although we enjoy going out occasionally to grab some fresh air, we rather use that time for a walk in the park instead of standing in line for the supermarket. Luckily, there are alternatives to get food and other products delivered at our doorstep. Here’s a list!


  • Cave 1929: more than 1500 wines, champagnes, spirits...
  • De Bierschuur: Large selection of wines
  • Mig’s world wines: the shop is closed, but they still do delivery
  • Rebel: several packs available for delivery
  • Titulus Pictus: Delivery starting at 25 EUR
  • Vinalgros: delivery through B-Post / pick-up in the shop or in EFarmz
  • Vinilegium sells the wine they still have in stock and will close afterwards


  • Brasserie de la Senne: does deliveries by bike and is open for pick-up on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. For every box they donate a part of the money to DoucheFlux, an association that supports the homeless.
  • Brasserie H2O: free delivery if you order 3 boxes
  • Brasserie No Science: order through Facebook or email
  • Brasserie Witloof: many special IPA beers
  • Brussels Beer Project: order one of their survival packs containing 12 beers of your choosing
  • Cantillon: Due the big success, only the “Small is Beautiful” pack is still available on their webshop.
  • Collabeerbox: Box containing beer from 6 different Brussels breweries
  • De Bierschuur: Large selection of beers
  • Dekkera: Send an email to to receive the list with available beers
  • En Stoemelings : Order here and they’ll deliver your beer box by bike
  • Fermenthings has prepared two survival packs: one with beer only, and one with beer and other local products
  • Gansbeer beer: delivery of artisanal beer
  • Le Barboteur: delivery and take-away (in Schaerbeek) of special craft beer
  • La Source: Order through their website or Facebook page
  • Malt-Attack: take-away of special beers
  • Malting Pot: delivery and take-away of special beer. Free delivery if you order for minimum 50 EUR.
  • Manneke: Delivers suprise packs with beer from different Brussels micro breweries


  • Mok Coffee: free delivery for orders over 15 EUR
  • Or Coffee: free delivery if you buy 2 packs of coffee

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Allofruits: free delivery for orders above 39 EUR
  • Efarmz: home-delivery of vegetables and other bio products
  • Ghost Rider BXL brings bio veggie and grain boxes around the city on a daily basis
  • Josadelivery: home-delivery of vegetables and many other products
  • La Ruche qui dit oui: delivers products from local partners
  • L'Entrepote: bio fruit and vegetables
  • Molleke sells fresh local vegetables that can be delivered by bike or picked-up on Friday afternoon

Bread & Pastries

Cheese, cold cuts & meat

Other groceries

  • Much more market: Most products you'd find in a supermarket. Deliveries start at 150 EUR.
  • Buddy Buddy: delivery of vegan spreads
  • Granola: delivery of bio granola
  • JeanBon: delivery of cheese and charcuterie platters

Gardening, plants & flowers


  • Groove Street 98 started doing home delivery of guitars and guitar accessories.

Crafts & Paperware

  • Ava: paperware and lots of items for creative projects
  • Schleiper: paperware, paint, frames...
  • Tandemm: stationery store and paper goods
  • The Grasshopper: toy store with several craft items


Products for baby's and kids




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