Loola, a pizza and salad bar

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Loola, a pizza and salad bar

Loola is a new pizza and salad bar, with two different venues in Brussels: one at Louise, the other at Boondael. When we learned the latter had a nice outdoor terrace, we opted to head over to Cimetière d’Ixelles to try the new pizza place.

Pizza at Loola, Boondael

As we were queueing, we were greeted by a large assortment of pizza toppings behind the glass counter. Loola leaves it up to the customers to compose their own pizzas by providing any toppings one could wish for. Parma ham, grilled chicken, bacon, different kinds of cheese, all kinds of chopped vegetables… With so many options, it’s not easy to make up your mind. Especially so if you’re afflicted by the stress of choice like me. I felt I had to sit down for a bit and analyze the different combinations, but there was no time for that. So I let my partner go first who had decided in no time: a large pizza with grilled chicken, bacon, bell pepper, red onion and mushrooms. Done. His efficiency was impressive. In the meantime I had managed to make up my mind about my main ingredients and improvised on the spot for the extra toppings. I had ordered a pizza with Parma ham, roquette salad, dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Phew, the hardest part was over now :-)

Pizza at Loola, Boondael Pizza at Loola, Boondael

Or wasn’t it? We still had to pick our drinks. A new burst of stress came up when I saw the large assortment of lemonades! Not wanting to dawdle to much, I picked one with a pretty color and we returned to the counter. Our pizzas were already waiting for us! Things go fast at Loola’s.

We took our tray and picked a table… Inside or outside? The indoor seating area featured a beautiful industrial design whereas the outside, a nice terrace was waving at us.

Pizza at Loola, Boondael

I was done with decision-making for today. Time to enjoy this beautiful pizza in front of me. Although in hindsight I had better opted for mozzarella (like the waitress had suggested) instead of goat cheese, the combination of my toppings still worked very well. You could tell that all the ingredients were fresh and carefully selected.

Pizza at Loola, Boondael Pizza at Loola, Boondael Pizza at Loola, Boondael

To sum things up, the formula offered by Loola’s is great because you get to personalize your pizza exactly the way you want it. All the ingredients are spread out in front of you, so you can see exactly what you will get and watch how they prepare your pizza in front of you. And on top of that, the service at Loola’s is fast and the staff is super friendly!

Practical information

  • How does it work? First, you choose between pizza or a salad. If you choose pizza, the next question is: small or big? A small one is 25 cm and costs 10,50 if you eat in, or 9,50 if you take it out. A big one is 30 cm in size and costs 11,50 eur if you eat in, or 10,50 if you eat out. Then you can start adding toppings, which cost 1,50eur per extra topping.
  • Loola Boondael sits on Chaussée de Boondael 467, 1050 Ixelles
  • Loola Louise is located at Avenue Louise 300, 1050 Ixelles


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