Essential shopping-list for a fantastic Christmas dinner

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Essential shopping-list for a fantastic Christmas dinner

It’s no secret that many of us spend months dreaming about the perfect Christmas dinner. What to put on the menu? How to decorate the table? Which outfit to wear? We like to bring out the best of everything to share with our loved ones. I leave it up to you to select your best party dress, but I can suggest you some quality products that will definitely surprise your guests. Moreover, you’ll be supporting local businesses that work hard to offer their finest products. Check out the list below!

A starter : Les Trempettes de Bruxelles

Every party begins with bubbles and appetizers. But the tricky thing about the latter is that even though they’re usually small bites, they often require a lot of preparation time. That’s not the case with Les Trempettes de Bruxelles. These dips are locally made in Brussels and are available in four original flavors (parsnip / courgette & spinach / butternut / beetroot). Each of them has a different color, which looks super nice when presented together on the table. Add something to dip like crackers, bread, tortilla, chopped carrots… and you’re done. It requires very little effort, it’s a local product and if you happen to have vegetarian guests, they will be super grateful for this alternative appetizer!

Price: 4,50 EUR per piece

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels

First course & main dish : domestic catering

Traiteur Voltaire ($$)

Voltaire is a restaurant at Place Brugmann in Ixelles that also does domestic catering. You can compose your own dishes by selecting the ingredients on display behind the counter. We tried the lobster lasagna as a starter, shrimps with noodles as a main dish and finally a delicious chocolate dessert. They do not have a specific New Year's menu, which offers you the flexibility to compose any menu you like. I’ve heard that the portions are relatively small when you eat in, but that is not the case when you take away.

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels A Christmas shopping list - Brussels A Christmas shopping list - Brussels A Christmas shopping list - Brussels

Traiteur Villa Lorraine ($$$)

The Villa Lorraine Michelin star restaurant has opened three domestic catering stores in Brussels, which are situated in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Uccle and Ixelles. In these luxury shops you’ll find some of their finest house products like smoked salmon, foie gras and caviar. Every week the chef comes up with a new selection of dishes featuring seasonal products and carefully selected spices. Apart from these home-made products, they also sell meat specialties from the famous butcher Dierendonck, cheese from the fromager Julien Hazard and desserts from Wittamer. It’s pretty expensive, but you’ll definitely surprise your guests with this luxury Christmas menu.

Price : a Christmas menu including a first course, a main course and a dessert costs 70 EUR pp.

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels A Christmas shopping list - Brussels

Dessert : a Christmas log

An ice log from Capoue

Since Capoue is one of the most famous ice-cream makers in Brussels, I had high expectations for their ice logs… and they do not disappoint. It’s impossible to compare these artisanal ice logs with the ones for sale in a supermarket. Not only is the variety of flavors very original, they also look stunning with the lovely chocolate decorations on top. The Capoue ice logs can be shared with 6 people and are available in 9 different flavors. Although I was very much tempted by the Amandoise (with raspberries and almond milk), I’m a chocolate lover by nature, so I picked their Dame Blanche. Just look at this…

Price: an ice log for 6 people costs 36 EUR.

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels

A Christmas log from Les Tartes de Françoise

Originally a small atelier in Brussel when they started in 1994, Les Tartes de Françoise has become so successful that they have 22 stores now, among which 8 in Brussels. The secret behind their success are their delicious, simple and authentic creations. Whether you have something to celebrate or simply feel like spoiling yourself, you’ll always find the perfect pie or pastry there. And of course, they made something special for Christmas: you can choose from 3 different Christmas logs (praline café / mango & passion fruit / dark chocolate, vanilla and bourbon), each of which is beautifully decorated with golden pearls. Looks like this one is ready for the party!

Price: a Christmas log for 4 people costs 22 EUR and one for 8 people costs 40 EUR.

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels

Extra : A creative touch with Oh My Cookie

Oh My Cookie is created by Merita, a young Brussels-born woman who discovered her passion and talent for baking cookies. Her cookies are actually small artworks almost too pretty to eat. They’re perfect as a gift, but I’m adding them in this article because she has many Christmas-themed cookies that add a finishing touch to your Christmas table. (It’s even possible to hang them in the Christmas tree if you like.)

A Christmas shopping list - Brussels


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