Be Burger

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Be Burger

Although Be Burger is known for its careful selection of high-quality meat, their environment-minded point of view has incited them to offer a full selection of vegetarian options at the same prices. And we were invited to try those out. After the first Be Burger opened up in Zaventem in 2015, six other Be Burger restaurants emerged all over Brussels. We opted for the one on Place Sainte-Catherine.

Be Burger, Brussels

When we arrived on a sunny day around lunchtime, a helpful waiter asked us where we wanted to sit. Outside of course! The sunrays warmed my back while I sipped from my Aperol Spritz and observed the activity and the people on the square. I really like the vibe of Place Sainte-Catherine.

Be Burger, Brussels

The amount of options on the menu blew my mind. Apart from a selection of minced steaks and main course salads, they have about 11 different burgers, each named after a famous city. At Be Burger, there is no discrimination between meat-lovers and veggie-lovers, as a vegetarian version of all of these burgers is available too, thereby doubling the amount of options. After the chefs experimented with various vegetable alternatives, they ended up opting for Quorn because its taste is very similar to the original recipe.

Despite being tempted by the Brussels burger (with mustard mayonnaise, Passendale cheese, onion chutney with beer…) or the New York burger (with barbecue sauce, mmmmm…..), I felt I had to try one of the burgers labeled as signature burgers and ordered the Veggie Pattaya (Quorn burger, vegetables, onions with Indian spices, red curry sauce, fried onions, cashew sauce and cashew crumbles).

It didn’t take long before the burgers came in a golden, slightly crusty bun, along with fries in a reusable metal holder. The structure of my Quorn burger was so similar to meat that I wondered for a second if they hadn’t mixed up our order (they hadn’t). The burger was delicious and I especially loved the crunchy touch of the cashew crumbles.

Be Burger, Brussels

We washed down our food with a glass of Be Burger Beer, brewed by Brasserie Bertinchamps exclusively for the restaurant. It’s a blond ale with a relatively low alcohol percentage (6%) and a subtle citrus perfume.

Regular-sized burgers cost between 9 and 14,50 EUR, with an additional 3,50 EUR for the fries. It is a bit pricey for a burger place, but for the money you get fresh and sustainable products, tasty food and a nice location.

The establishment on Place Sainte-Catherine can welcome lots of people thanks to its large outdoor terrace and the indoor seating area on multiple floors. The seating area on the front offers a view on the square, whereas from the back of the restaurant you can look into the open kitchen. The first and second floor feel like a bright, cozy attic room and are spacious enough to accommodate large groups.

Be Burger, Brussels Be Burger, Brussels Be Burger, Brussels Be Burger, Brussels

Although I’ve already mentioned something about Be Burger’s environmental awareness, I’d like to add that they collaborate with CO2 Strategy, an organization that helps companies to set up a sustainable business. As a result, they’ve banned plastic straws, tin cans and unnecessary waste. Keep up the good work, Be Burger!

Practical information

  • Be Burger has various locations in Brussels: Place Luxemnbourg, Stockel, Place Sainte-Catherine, Ixelles… Check out the map on their website for the details.
  • Be Burger on Place Sainte-Catherine is open every day from 12:00 to 22:00. On weekdays, the kitchen closes between 14:30 and 18:00.
  • You can make a reservation via the Be Burger website or by phone.

Be Burger, Brussels


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