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Situated along the recently renovated Boulevard Anspach, Bourse is the former stock exchange building constructed in 1873 by architect Léon Suys. Although the general structure of the monumental building has been designed in a neoclassical style, the exterior is teeming with decorative baroque elements. Did you know that the famous sculptor Rodin helped working on the exterior decoration of the building?

The Bourse was built on the former site of the 13th century convent des Recollets. You can still see the underground ruins through the glass panes in Rue de la Bourse.

Plans have been approved to open a large Beer Temple on the first floor in 2023, while the large hall will become a public space. In the meantime, that hall is used for temporary expositions.

The stairs in front of the building are a popular meeting point for locals. Since the Boulevard Anspach has become a pedestrian area, the street is always buzzing with people and activity. The stairs make a great gallery to watch street artists perform on the small square in front of the Bourse.


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