Best mobile apps for Brussels

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Best mobile apps for Brussels

With the abundancy of different apps on both the Apple and Android stores, it’s hard to determine which are worth their place on your smartphone. That’s why we’ve sorted the good from the bad for you and created a list of must-have mobile apps that will make your life in Brussels easier. No matter if you’re living in Brussels or just visiting, this series of apps will come in handy to get around, find cheap deals, help you plan your trip and much more…

Brussels public transport app

  • Google Maps: If you have no clue how to get somewhere, Google Maps will help you out by suggesting multiple itineraries with various means of transport. For iPhone | for Android
  • Maps.Me: This offline map can be downloaded beforehand, which is handy when you’re short on data. Maps.Me is good at suggesting itineraries for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers. For iPhone | for Android
  • My Brussels: Brussels in your pocket! This app from the Brussels Capital Region brings together a whole range of mobile applications designed to facilitate your life in Brussels. For iPhone | for Android
  • Citymapper: Want to be as efficient as possible when taking the subway? Citymapper not only tells you which direction to take, it also tells you where to board the metro in order to be close to the exit at your destination. It’s also handy for Villo-users, because apart from calculating the itinerary, it also marks where you can pick up and drop off your bike. For iPhone | for Android
  • STIB-MIVB: This Brussels metro app tells you how to get to your destination using the Brussels metro, tram or train. Thanks to its real-time schedule, you can see how long it will take exactly before your transport arrives. For iPhone | for Android
  • NMBS-SNCB: Brussels train app with time schedules for the trains operating all over Belgium. It also easy to buy your ticket through the app using PayPal for example. For iPhone | for Android
  • De Lijn: App with time schedules for the buses of De Lijn, which operate in Flanders and Brussels. For iPhone | for Android
  • TEC: App with time schedules for the buses of TEC which operate in Wallonia and Brussels. For iPhone | for Android
  • Collecto: Need to get back home after a party? With Collecto you can order a shared taxi between 11pm and 6am using your MOBIB card. The app will inform you about the nearest Collecto stop from where you can order a cab. A ride costs only 6 EUR, or 5 EUR if you have a MOBIB card. For iPhone | for Android
  • Lime, Dott, Circ and Hive: They all provide electric scooters enabling you to move around quickly. The differences between them are detailed in our article about [how to get around in Brussels](), but the process to unlock them is the same. Download the app and unlock a scooter. For iPhone: Lime, Dott, Circ, Hive | For Android: Lime, Dott, Circ, Hive
  • Villo: Once you have a subscription, you can unlock these yellow bikes using the app. For iPhone | for Android
  • Uber: Via the Uber app, you can unlock an electric bike as well as order an Uber ride. For iPhone | for Android

Apps for food and Drinks

  • TooGoodToGo: Food coming from restaurants, hotels and convenience stores that isn’t sold by the end of the day, is offered for sale at a reduced price via TooGoodToGo. Via this food app, you can order a surprise package from a specific partner, as you never know what you will get exactly until you go and pick it up. For iPhone | for Android
  • Untappd: Useful for rating beer (and remembering which ones you have tried already). For iPhone | for Android
  • Free Tap Water Belgium: Launched as part of a campaign for free tap water, this app lists all the restaurants that have agreed on serving free tap water. For iPhone | for Android
  • TripAdvisor: Useful for finding restaurants close to you. The reviews published by previous guests will help you determine whether or not it’s a place you’d like to try. For iPhone | for Android
  • Uber Eats: Use this food delivery app to order food and get it delivered at home. For iPhone | for Android
  • Takeaway: Another food delivery app to get your meal delivered at your door. For iPhone | For Android


  • Brussels Gardens: Need some space and air to breathe? This app lists all the [parks in Brussels]() on a map, so you’ll immediately see which one is closest to you. For iPhone | for Android
  • Fix My Street: Via the app you can report incidents within the Brussels’ public space and make your area a safer and cleaner place. For iPhone | for Android
  • Recycle!: This app tells you which kind of waste is collected and on which day, based where you live. It also contains a sorting guide, which points out which waste should go in which bin. For iPhone | for Android


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