The best spots to watch the Laeken Firework Spectacular

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The best spots to watch the Laeken Firework Spectacular

Has a new tradition started? Let's hope so! This Summer, the third edition of the Laeken Firework Spectacular (or 'Feux de Laeken' in French) is taking place next to the Atomium on the Heysel Plateau. This means that for five Fridays in a row, a spectacular show will light up the Brussels sky and let the Atomium shine! While waiting for the fireworks, you can enjoy food trucks, musical performances and other child-friendly activities.

Feux de Laeken (fireworks), Brussels

About the Laeken Fireworks

Every Friday, a different firework artist receives the opportunity to amaze us with his pyrotechnic talent. And the best part is that this magical event is free for all.

If you're early, check out the little event village in front of the Atomium. Food trucks and temporary bars will provide you with snacks and drinks, while musical performances and kid-friendly activities will keep you busy until the fireworks begins. Visit the website of Visit Brussels for the exact program.

Tips for photographers

A little tip for photographers: From the temporary party village you'll have the best view of the fireworks, but for interesting photos of the atomium with the fireworks on the background, it is recommended to move to the other side of the Atomium towards the Louis Steens Plein.

Personally, I still have to practise my fireworks photography skills, but luckily there are fives opportunities to try :-)

Feux de Laeken (fireworks), Brussels Feux de Laeken (fireworks), Brussels

Practical information

  • Take the metro to Heysel and walk from there. If you plan on returning by metro, be careful not to miss the last one a bit after midnight. You'll have enough time to watch the fireworks until the end. Just beware that afterwards there will only be one or two metros heading back to the center.
  • Where? The Heysel Plateau at the foot of the Palais 5
  • When? July 26, August 2, August 16, August 9 and August 23 (for the year 2019)
  • Although the family activities begin at 6PM, the real fireworks starts at 23:00 and lasts about 45 mins.
  • Every Friday of the Laeken Fireworks Event, you can visit the Atomium after its normal opening hours. A ticket for Atomium After Hours (nocturns) costs 15EUR and grants you access to the Atomium until 9:30 PM. Also the restaurant in the upper sphere of the Atomium will be open during these magical evenings.

Feux de Laeken (fireworks), Brussels


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