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The Brussels city hall has received a floral facelift on the occasion of Flowertime, a biennial event that alternates with the world-famous flower carpet on Grand Place. For this event, Belgian and international florists adorn the Brussels city hall with impressive floral creations. As the city hall is rarely open to the public, this is the opportunity to explore several of its majestic rooms while marveling at floral art.

About the event

The fourth edition of Flowertime is centered around the theme ‘A World of Floral Emotions’. More than 30 artists from all corners of the world give expression to thought-provoking feelings via the universal language of flowers. This collaboration between the association of the Brussels Flower Carpet and Floraliën from Ghent results in an impressive floral enchantment of the Brussels city hall.

About the city hall

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Brussels city hall is an exceptional venue which tourists usually only get to see from the outside. During Flowertime, the floral route takes you through 13 of its beautifully decorated rooms. After walking through a floral archway made from 500 fuchsia plants, you’ll enter the building via the Gothic arch doorway and inner courtyard. The flower exhibition starts in the entrance hall where you’re invited to take a selfie in a flower frame.

Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels

Then you’ll walk up the staircase towards the Gallery of the Sovereigns where six different artists have been at work. Moreover, On your right are the two alderman’s offices. Lots to look at!

Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels

After peaking into a beautiful corridor featuring marble busts and flowers on a romantic bike ride, you'll enter the Council Chamber. This room in Louis XIV style is adorned with large tapestries against the walls, a giant painting against the ceiling and an enormous elliptical floral artwork in the center. Almost every element in this room requires superlatives to describe them.

Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels Flowertime, Brussels


In the Maximilian Room, characterized by the enormous 18th-century tapestries, the giant desk is decked with a playful table decoration.

Flowertime, Brussels

The route continues through the Antechamber to the office for public education, the Grangé gallery, the antechamber to the mayor’s office and the staircase of honor.

Flowertime, Brussels

You’re about to discover the climax of Flowertime, as you enter the Gothic Hall which is reserved for grand receptions and ceremonies. It is decorated with tapestries depicting ancient trades. Have a look at them too, even though your attention will be automatically drawn to the floral eyecatcher in the center of the room.

Flowertime, Brussels

Another Pinterest-worthy masterpiece is set up in the romantic wedding hall. (Can someone propose to me now, please?)

Flowertime, Brussels

Newly-weds (and all visitors of Flowertime) exit the city hall via the Lion Staircase back to Grand Place.


PS: Don’t forget to go and greet Manneken Pis who’s also dressed up for the occasion!

Practical information

  • A ticket costs 8 euro
  • In 2019, Flowertime takes place from August 14 to August 18. Opening times: from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • More information on the Flowertime website


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