Parc du Cinquantenaire

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Parc du Cinquantenaire

A large green lung

This pentagon-shaped park was created in 1880 under king Leopold II to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Belgian independence. It comprises a vast set of gardens which are popular with locals for jogging, yoga sessions, relaxed afternoons in the sun, picnics… The most important landmark in Parc du Cinquantenaire is the triumphal arch with three arches, built in 1905. The bronze statue towering over the arch represents the province of Brabant on a char drawn by four horses.

The museums

Three museums are located around these arches: The Royal Museum of Armed Forces & Military History, Autoworld and the Art and History Museum. Personally, I would especially recommend the first one, as it also grants you access to the top of the triumphal arches from where you’ll get a sweeping panoramic view over Brussels.

The three museums in a nutshell

  • The Royal Museum of Armed Forces & Military History: a huge collection of weapons, uniforms, armored vehicles and airplanes
  • Autoworld: Over 300 vehicles, ranging from cars and trucks to motorcycles, document the automotive history of Belgium.
  • The Art and History Museum: A historical overview of human activity from prehistory until now covering a large range of topics like the Antiquity, non-European civilizations, European decorative arts, and so on.

How to get to Park du Cinquantenaire?

  • The park is situated a bit further away from the city center, so it’s probably better to take a metro to Merode or Schuman to get there faster.


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