Bike trips in and around Brussels

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Bike trips in and around Brussels

Staycation is the way to go this Summer and that’s a great opportunity to explore our own surroundings. The Summer months in Brussels are an amazing time of the year, since there are so many Summer activities to enjoy, such as picnicking in the park, dine outdoors, have a cocktail in a rooftop bar, watch the sunset… Did you know that you can even go camping in Brussels? Another great activity is cycling in and around Brussels. Whereas the city center can be a stressful place to cycle, there are actually many nice bicycle paths and quiet natural areas too. Below is an overview to get you started. At the end of the article, you’ll find some useful apps and websites that can help you plan your own itineraries.

Some itineraries

We’ve categorized our itineraries in two groups: those in the first group can be done entirely by bike, since they begin and end in Brussels, and a large part of the trajectory is going through the different communes of Brussels. The itineraries from the second group lie a little bit outside of Brussels, so it could be handy to put your bike on the train or in the car and start a little further. If you’re trained and you don’t mind doing some extra kilometers, you can of course do everything by bike.

This map contains all the itineraries in the near proximity of Brussels, such as:

From Laeken to Vilvoorde (+/- 25 km)

Sights include:

  • Jardins du Fleuriste: Beautiful park with lots of exceptional plants and flowers
  • Park of Laken: Large park surrounding the Atomium. Great place for a picnic, or buy an ice cream from the kiosk in the park. Other sights nearby are the Royal Castle and Monument de la Dynastie.
  • Tangebeekbos: Nice forest situated between Grimbergen and Vilvoorde
  • Borght: The center of the village is built around a hill which used to house a huge motte-and-bailey castle. (Also check out the beautiful ivy-clad façade of the house on the Adriaan Walraevensstraat 21)
  • Parc Drie Fonteinen: Large park with at its center Brasserie Drie Fonteinen. You can eat or just have a drink on the outdoor terrace. Make sure to check out the beautiful garden behind the restaurant.
  • Meudon Park: This park used to house the Meudon Castle. Today only the entrance gate and some ruins remain.

Tangebeekbos Tangebeekbos Grimbergen Tangebeekbox Nice bridge Drie Fonteinen, Vilvoorde Meudon Park

Around Woluwe and Auderghem

Sights include:

  • Parc Georges Henri: a former graveyard transformed into a park, which is very vibrant on sunny days. In front of the entrance you have the famous ice cream shop Capoue.
  • Lindekemale Mill: Fine-dining restaurant in a converted 12th-century watermill.
  • Malou Park: Park located in the valley of the Woluwe stream. The neoclassical building by the pond is Château Malou which today hosts cultural activities, exhibitions…
  • Bronnenpark: a beautiful park with pretty bridges, streams and a beautiful lake
  • Parc Parmentier
  • Red Cloister: Historical rural abbey
  • Le Tram de Boitsfort: An old tram turned into a ‘friterie’.
  • Bois de la Cambre

Rue Dries, Woluwe Parc des Sources Rue Dries, Woluwe Parc des Sources Rouge Cloître Rouge Cloître Boulevard du Souverain Fries at Tram de Boitsfort Bois de la Cambre Bois de la Cambre

From Bois de la Cambre to Waterloo

Sights include:

  • Bois de la Cambre
  • Forêt de Soignies: 4,421-hectare forest that has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • A pitstop in brasserie La Pomme, where you can drink a Waterloo beer in the proper clay mug
  • The Castle of La Hulpe

Laeken – Jette – Ganshoren

Sights include:

  • Parc Roi Baudouin
  • Dieleghem forest
  • Laerbeek wood
  • Ganshoren swamp

Green Walk around Brussels

63 kilometer loop around Brussels. You can request a paper map from the Brussels Environment Agency or download the gpx-route here

This map contains itineraries in the surroundings of Brussels, such as:

Bike ride around Vilvoorde – 47 km




Eddy Merckx route rond Meise:


You could also spend the weekend at La Petite Forêt, and start the bike ride from there.

Other destinations in Brussels

And otherwise… if you just want to cycle short distances in Brussels, but you’re wondering where to go, these could be some nice destinations:

Practical apps and websites

  • Fietsknooppunten Vlaanderen: create your own itineraries in Flanders and export them to your gps
  • Vlaanderen Fietsland: does the same thing, but the also have an app so you can easily follow the itinerary on your phone
  • Bike For Brussels: The alternative for Brussels where you enter a start and end point and the website will suggest the most pleasant road between those points.
  • Strava: track your itinerary and check the total distance, elevation, time… If you sign up for the paid version, you’ll be able to share your itineraries with others.
  • RouteYou: lots of inspiration for cycling and walking routes all over Belgium
  • Maps.Me: import your itineraries in this navigation app which you can also use offline
  • Osmand: offline navigation app

Personally, I always browse the above-mentioned websites for inspiration. Then I would export the gpx-route, convert it into a kmz-file and import it in the Maps.Me app. And I’m ready to go!


Do you have questions? Did you experience something similar? Did you notice a mistake? Please share!

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