Hike through a country: Luxembourg - Part 2

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Hike through a country: Luxembourg - Part 2

At dawn, Serge had been woken up by noises around us, and went out to see what it was. He saw a group of wild boars running past our tents, gathering in the lower parts of the forest during their food quest. Soon after, he also saw another animal nearby, quickly disappearing underground. We then realized we had pitched our tents right next to an impressive badger's den. The day before, Guro had told us how her grandfather used to put charcoal in his boots, so that when a badger bit his feet, the charcoal sounded like bones getting crushed and the badger would stop biting because he'd believe his enemy to be incapacitated. Not a very reassuring thought.

Camping wild in the forest

While having breakfast, we realised Bart had set his alarm an hour early and had woken us up at 6am instead of 7am as convened. That's why getting up was so painful! Funny thing is we didn't even win time, we had such a hard time waking up and getting ready that we only set off hiking around 8h30.

Who wants tea for breakfast?

Upon leaving the forest, we spotted more wildlife and saw a doe doing her morning jogging around the forest.

Still at a rather high altitude, we overlooked the village of Eppeldorf that got larger while we came closer. Altough the term 'larger' is very relative; with its 176 inhabitants it was hard to find just one inhabitant who would be so kind to give us some water.

View over Gildorf Elegant tree Open fields around Gildorf Cute farm in Gildorf More cows than villagers

But we found him and with full water bottles we continued along large open fields. Luckily, it was still early and not too hot yet. We passed the village of Keiwelbaach, with its 30 inhabitants even smaller than the previous.


When the sun stood right above us, we gladly directed ourselves to the forest, which we left again upon reaching the village of Gildorf. We had ran out of food and water - again, but a villager told us there were no shops to be found in Gildorf. So for lunch we had buns and a Magnum ice cream bought in a petrol station. We found a nice spot next to a brook on Camping Bleesbruck, lay down in the grass, feet in the water, and enjoyed the break. For some of us, it didn't take long to drowse off.

The river Sûre

Around 14h45 the much hated words were pronounced again: "So, shall we continue?" For the next few hours we followed quiet roads and passed the village of Longsdorf which center we didn't visit because it meant doing a tiny detour.

Just before reaching Vianden, we briefly left Luxembourg and found ourselves on German territory. Not for long though; five minutes later we crossed the border again into Luxembourg.

Border between Germany and Luxembourg

We were all suffering while hiking the last part uphill towards Vianden. We had been hiking slower than expected, so we slightly modified the itinerary and made Vianden the end point of the day. Now there was time for stocking up on food and having a drink in the historic center before looking for a camping spot. Despite it being very welcome, this drink wasn't of the festive kind. Guro announced the hike was harder than expected and that she would return home the next day.

Historical center of Vianden Vianden castle at sunset

Before leaving, she would still join us for camping on the best camping spot of this entire trip, next to one of the prettiest castles of Luxembourg. After closing time of the castle, we pitched our tents just behind it and quietly enjoyed our dinner with view over the majestically lit up castle. For a moment, peace was disturbed by a big animal rustling in the bushes next to us. Unfortunately, up to today, the nature of the beast remains unidentified. Our attention went back to the castle, where a big Flemish wedding party was taking place, and so by the end of the night we found ourselves singing along with the greatest Flemish hits.

"Ik hou van u, ik hou van u. Geef me een kus, en vlug, voor de laaaaaaatste buuuuuus. Lalalalaaaa....."

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