Hike through a country: Luxembourg in 4 days

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Hike through a country: Luxembourg in 4 days

In the course of 4 days' time, we've hiked a total distance of 120km, thereby crossing Luxembourg from East to West. Although this comes down to about 30 km per day, which sounds very feasible, the hike is not to be underestimated because Luxembourg is not as flat as you might think. Below is an overview of our itinerary.


Day 1

  • Start of the hike around noon in Echternach, the oldest city of Luxembourg situated on the border with Germany
  • Via the GR5 route we reached a stunning viewpoint over Echternach
  • We followed the beautiful Mullerthal trail, which goes through the woodlands connecting Echternach and Berdorf.
  • A short break in Berdorf where we enjoyed a cool beer.
  • Around sunset we reached the castle of Beaufort and set up camp nearby.

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Day 2

  • Start: Somewhere between the Beaufort castle and the small village of Eppeldorf
  • Hike through the rolling countryside of Luxembourg and small villages like Keiwelbaach
  • Lunch break at Camping Bleesbruck in the village of Gildorf
  • Little detour to the north to visit the castle of Vianden where we spent the night

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Day 3

  • Start: We took the bus back to Diekirch, a village we had passed the day before
  • We hike most of the day along the river Süre which offers multiple nice picnic spots
  • Quick visit to the village of Ettelbrück where we managed to resist its tempting outdoor bars
  • Exhausting hike to Niederfeulen, where we stopped for a break in a lovely beer garden
  • End of the day: somewhere close to Camping Bissen Sarl

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Day 4

  • Visit to the wonderful village Esch-sur-Süre
  • Detour around Esch-sur-Süre to enjoy some beautiful vantage points and hike on to Kaundorf
  • Endles hike to Nothum, Berlé...
  • And finally Bastogne! We're back in Belgium!

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