Café Odilon

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Café Odilon

Open since 2016, this bar in neo-vintage style has won its way into many people's hearts. With its varnished wooden chairs and soft cushions, its wallpaper with submarine pattern, the playful decoration and the soft lights, this place lures you inside and makes you feel at ease. Situated along the canal, a bit further from Bassin de la Villette, this place offers a very relaxed place to sit.

Café Odilon

Café Odilon is not a pizzeria, but it's the pizza that most clients come back for. You won't find the classical round pizza's here, instead you'll get a Romanian rectangular pizza, comparable to the take-away pizza that is cut into pieces in front of the client. The pizzas here are fancier, though, and garnished with biological ingredients. And they come with a salad, of course.

Those who want something else, can also order a salad or a platter to share. The dishes are simple, but healthy. The food is baked in the oven, steamed or cooked, but never fried. Vegetarians and vegans will love this place, as most dishes are without meat and there's several vegan options too.

There's fresh fruit juices and detox juices to go with your healthy meal. But if you've heard the word 'healthy' too often and want to sin just a little bit, you should order a glass of wine from their delightful biological wine selection, ordered in bulk and thus 'tapped' from the wine engine. There's three kinds of red wine, two kinds of white wine and one rosé wine to choose from. The staff is happy to offer advice if you don't know which one to pick.

Café Odilon, wine from the tap

During the weekend, it is possible to have brunch here. For €19,50 you'll get a healthy brunch with fresh ingredients, but it's been reported portions aren't very large. Just so you know if you're very hungry.

It's a place that hasn't been discovered by tourists yet, which you can deduce from the Tripadvisor reviews, none of which is written in English so far. Instead, the clientele consists of local youngsters and families. And there's one more detail that is not so glamourous, but young parents might want to know: There's changing facilities and diapers available, which is quite exceptional for Parisian restaurants.

As soon as the weather allows, the large vitrine is opened widely, as such letting a breeze in and offering a nice view on the quai de la Marne.

Café Odilon, outdoor seats

Practical information:

  • Address: 16 quai de la Marne, Paris 19
  • Facebook page:
  • Wifi available
  • t is possible to take away too.

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