Breizh Daumesnil

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Breizh Daumesnil

A little piece of Brittany in Paris, this place distinguishes itself from the vast array of creperies in town. It is not a street stall like all the others, but a fancy, modern restaurant. This is a place you could impress your crepe-loving date with on Valentine's day, without having to pay over the odds. Prices are actually almost comparable with those of the streets stalls. A meal costs between 5 and 11 euros.

Breizh Daumesnil

Breizh means Brittany in Breton, a Celtic language. Proud of her Breton roots, the owner focuses on offering authentic Breton specialities, prepared with fresh products, some of which come straight from Brittany. The menu presents a list of original buckwheat gallettes and sweet pancakes. We asked the owner which she would recommend. Her favourite gallette is the 'Sizun', prepared with ingredients such as duck confit, pommée de Bazouge -some kind of caramelized apple jam-, cheddar, fried potatoes and parsley. The speciality among the sweet pancakes then, would be the 'Houat' pancake with fried apples, apple jam, vanilla ice cream and nuts.

Don't bother ordering Coca-Cola or Pepsi Cola, there's only Breizh Cola. Chances are though, you'll prefer a Breton cidre. Breizh is a place where traditions are kept, so if you insist, you can have your cidre in a 'bolée' (a ceramic bowl). Just make sure to ask explicitly.

There's another Breizh on the Place d'Italie, but most likely because of its central location, it is much more crowded and people often stand in line to enter. As Breizh Daumesnil is further away from the touristic sights, it'll be more easy to get a table. The clientele here are mainly residents and regulars, and occasionally hikers who're hungry after walking the coulée verte that lies super close to the restaurant.

Breizh Daumesnil

Practical information

  • Closed on Sundays
  • Website:
  • Address: 177 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris, France
  • Take-away and delivery are possible


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