The small village of Bibinje

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The small village of Bibinje

Why Bibinje?

Our flight landed on a Tuesday evening in Zadar. After having compared our options for accomodation, it turned out to be cheaper to stay in a smaller village next to Zadar: Bibinje. We'd found a little guesthouse whose owner would come and pick us up in the airport....

And indeed, on the day of arrival someone was holding up a nameplate with a name vaguely resembling mine... Spelling wasn't his forte, but it was him! He drove us to his guesthouse in Bibinje, at approximately 8 km from Zadar.

What to do in Bibinje?

There isn't a lot to do in Bibinje itself. It's just a small village on the Adriatic shore with a beach (and crystal blue water!), some restaurants, churches and a large marina. At night we strolled a little through the centre and were drawn by the super clear water - even at night you could see the stones on the sea-floor!

Weird picture, taken just to show how clear the water was View over the lake at day

The next morning we woke up super early, had breakfast at the beach and set off to Zadar hitchhiking.

Posing like a mermaid Hitchhiking

Practical information

  • Our guesthouse in Bibinje: Apartments and rooms Nediljko. Click here to check its availability.

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