Playa Ancón

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Playa Ancón

Located 15 km from the colonial center of Trinidad, Playa Ancon is a popular getaway for travelers and locals alike. After some intense day of travelling, we also looked forward to spending a lazy afternoon on the beach.


We asked our cab driver to drop us off at Punta María Aguilar, which is the more quiet section of Playa Ancón. As opposed to the popular beach a bit further up, this one has a rocky seabed, which requires some caution when entering the sea. Apart from that, it has a beautiful small beach with white sand and we really loved the peace and quiet of this place.

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As there are no big hotels or restaurants along the coastline, a few Cubans soon saw opportunities open up. Some guys run the beach, offering different services such as supervising parked bikes, renting out beach umbrellas (for 1 CUC) and catering sandwiches and drinks. And they also served cocoloco’s! We’d heard so much about this tropical cocktail, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try it before. Cocoloco is basically a fresh coconut to which they add rum and honey. Once you finish the cocktail, you can eat the fresh coconut inside. The monopoly on this beach enabled them to charge an exaggerated 4 CUC, which I negotiated down to 3 CUC.

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How to get to Playa Ancón?

There are two buses a day to Playa Ancon, which leave at 9am and 11am.

Otherwise, you can go to Parque Cespedes to find a taxi to take you there. While looking for a driver, we ran into two other tourists headed for the same place, so we shared the ride along with the hefty 8 CUC fee for a 15km ride. It takes about 15 minutes to get from the center to the beach.

It is also possible to rent a bike to cycle there. Depending on where you get your bike, you’ll pay between 5 and 10 CUC per day. Generally renting a bike straight from the rental shop will be cheaper than arranging it via your casa.

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