Itinerary Transsiberian train from China to Sint-Petersburg

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Itinerary Transsiberian train from China to Sint-Petersburg

On board of the Transsiberian train, we traveled around half the world, covering a total distance of 8323 kilometers while crossing six different time zones. This trip took one month and a half and included stopovers in China, Mongolia and Russia. During our week in China, we visited Beijing and hiked the Great Wall of China. In Mongolia, we got off the train for quite some time (three weeks) to explore the vast Mongolian landscape through different tours, which required quite some time. Finally, we spent the last two weeks exploring Russian cities.

If you're on a schedule, you could draw up a shorter Trans-Mongolian itinerary with just a brief stop in Ulaanbaatar and then move on to Russia immediately.

This is what our itinerary looked like:

  • 5 days in Beijing
  • a 5-day Gobi Tour in the south of Mongolia
  • 2 days in Ulan Bator to celebrate the Naadam festival
  • 9-day tour in the northern part of Mongolia
  • 1 day in Ulan Ude
  • 2 days on Olkhon Island
  • 1 day in Irkutsk
  • 1 day in Krasnoyarsk
  • 1 day in Yekaterinburg
  • 1 day in Kazan
  • 1 day in Suzdal
  • 2 days in Moscow
  • 3 days in St Petersburg


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