Gobi Tour Day 4: Yolyn Am valley

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Gobi Tour Day 4: Yolyn Am valley

We couldn't have wished for a better breakfast after evening that involved a slight overconsumption of alcohol: sandwiches with hot, melted cheese. Luckily, no one was really hung over; that would be a real nightmare on days like these when you spent most of your time driving over bumpy roads.

Mongolian clouds are my favourite clouds Road trip through the desert

We had merely hit the road for or the car broke down again, so we drove back to the small village we had passed ten minutes ago and went in search of a garagist, or some tools to fix the car. There was no one who could help, so our driver bought something that he hoped would help, but to no avail. The car still overheated all the time, which meant we had to stop like every thirty minutes to let the engine cool down.

After one of those many stops, a miraculous thing appeared into view: a beautiful asphalted road lay ahead of us. For a second we feared we were seeing a mirage, but when the car touched the grey carpet, the car went completely silent and we were no longer shaken. It was real! Even the 4G connection was back, so we all went as silent as the car while learning what had been happening in the rest of the world.

Yolyn Am valley Yolyn Am valley

We left the asphalted road to enter the Yolyn Am valley, a beautiful green valley that we were about to visit. It had been a long time since we had last seen this color and I had been missing it. All that green looked so much nicer now. The car needed another cooldown break, but we didn't mind as it meant we could get out off the car and start walking through the valley - until the car caught up with us again. I had prefered to walk the five kilometers to the center of the valley.

Yolyn Am valley Two cows Cow with hikers in the background

A little further we reached some kind of official trail going through the valley. At our own peace we walked through the green landscape while following the little stream that flows through the valley. I don't know thanks to which flower or plant, but it smelt really nice there. The canyon was not only appreciated by us, but also by dozens of shy, little gerbils seeking refreshment by the water.

Gerbil Little water stream going through the valley Yolyn Am Yolyn Am

We continued walking until where the valley became a real canyon. We had to climb over some rocks, after which the trail became flat and easy trail again. Too easy... If you have been following my previous blog articles, you must've noticed our group has a certain obsession with climbing up things.

And today they hadn't climbed anything yet. The mountain hill must've sensed it wasn't safe anymore. I hadn't finished this thought yet, or the guys were already climbing up the mountain leaving me with no choice but to follow. At the top we reached a nice viewpoint, but only over one side of the valley. The other side wasn't very impressive because of rocks obstructing the view and flatlands stretching out. We sat there for a while, facing the good side of the valley. we regretted not having brought a picknick, as this would've been the perfect picknick spot.

Panoramic View

When we walked back to car, the valley had completely emptied. The only people around now were locals enjoying an evening stroll by horse with their family, or kids riding their bike.

Apparently, the ger camp for the night hadn't been booked beforehand. As the first one was full, we drove on to a second one. This camp offered some amazing facilities, such as a toilet with a view over the full moon (and no door). After another wonderful sunset, the temperatures plummeted, but in our ger it was warm and cosy. It didn't take long before we all left for the land of Nod.

Sunset in the Yolyn Am valley Sunset behind the ger

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Walking through the Yolyn Am valley Horses in the Yolyn Am valley Cow taking a break Entering the canyon Overlooking the valley Nomadic Mongolian family Experimental picture: Guy on horseback And the car broke down again Motorbike


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