Work with us

Below is an overview of the services offered by Everything Brussels. If you have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help you. We also have a media kit that is available upon request.


Social media promotion and advertisement

We can promote your product/service on our social media channels, as long as it matches the interests of our audience. We’re active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We're also offering advertisement space on our website.

Restaurant and product reviews

All reviews featured on Everything Brussels are about food, services, products and experiences we have tried ourselves and genuinely like. We always post a disclaimer when we have been invited to try a restaurant or work together with a brand in any other way. We also reserve the right to not post a review.

Press trips

We are happy to attend press trips that are relevant to the blog’s content. When we agree to participate, we promise to publish at least one article (but usually more ;-) )


We occasionally host giveaways on our social media channels or on the blog. We reserve the right to organize them exclusively for products/services that we have tried and genuinely like ourselves


  • Given that all the photos on the blog are protected by copyright, you can get in touch with us to obtain our photos in high resolution.
  • If you need photos of a certain subject, we can organize photo shoots upon request: a photo shoot in Brussels, eye-catching food photos or interior photos to make the Instagram account of your business pop out, product photography… Just tell us about your idea!
  • A selection of our photos are available on Shutterstock, although our own database is much larger, so get in touch to see if we got what you need.
  • Do your photos need that extra touch? It would be our pleasure to edit your photos in our style.

Why work with us?

  • Our command of English, French and Dutch allows us to reach a particularly broad audience. All of our articles are professionally translated, which makes them accessible to the entire Belgian audience.
  • With a master in Linguistics and work experience as a translator, Sophie has been trained to create logically structured texts with correct grammar and spelling that are pleasant to read.
  • Thanks to our focus on long-term results with SEO, we ensure that our reviews appear in the Google search results. Below are some examples of top-ranking keywords:
  • As a professional photographer, Sophie Lenoir delivers high quality photos that are all individually edited with specialized software. Have a look at her photography portfolio to see more examples of her work.
  • Large presence on social media
  • Our target audience are locals, expats and tourists visiting Brussels, aged between 25 and 45 (with a slight female majority), and ready to follow our tips.


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