Cartoon walls in Brussels

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Cartoon walls in Brussels

As you wander through the city center of Brussels, look up to marvel at the countless colorful cartoon walls. When the city removed ugly commercial posters in the nineties, they uncovered large empty walls. Given that this wasn’t really an improvement to the allure of the city, they collaborated with the Belgian Comic Strip Center to embellish those blind walls. Today, more than 60 murals pay tribute to characters and authors of the Franco-Belgian comics. Just to name a few, you’ll meet the Smurfs, Tintin, Boule and Bill, Spirou, Bob and Bobette, Lucky Luke and the Daltons… In one of our articles, we describe a cartoon walk in the Marolles, pointing out all the cartoon walls between Gare du Midi and the Palace of Justice. If you wish to explore them all, check out the Comic Book Route which marks the cartoon walls all over Brussels.

In the tourist center of Brussels, pocket maps are available which mark all the cartoon walls on the wall. Using those, you can draw your own itinerary covering as many of them as you like. The maps are for sale for 1 euro.


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