Brussels Travel Guide

What do you need to know before going to Brussels? This travel guide lists the top things to see in Brussels, thereby serving as a useful reference for any traveler planning his/her first trip to the Belgian capital. Apart from the main tourist attractions, this guide also includes local tips on authentic restaurants, original bars and fun events. Also check out the section on getting around in Brussels, which will come in handy while you’re sightseeing Brussels!

12 Main sights in Brussels

Most of the main sights (apart from the Atomium) are located in the historic city center and can be easily visited by foot. Wander through the pedestrian area around the Grand Place and explore the center at your own peace, with a regular break for waffles and beer ;-) If you’re on a budget, check out the list of free things to do in Brussels. Below is an overview of Brussels’ main landmarks to help you plan your trip. Click on an image to learn more about the place.

How much time in Brussels?

If you’re tight on schedule, you can visit Brussels in 1 day, although you’ll mainly get to see its main sights and you’ll kind of have to rush around. Two, or even three days, would be recommended to visit Brussels, as you’ll be able to discover the city as a tourist but also experience some of its more authentic places that unveil the true identity of the city. We’ve drawn up a few itineraries for various time schedules.

6 Places for Belgian food

When in Brussels, there are a few culinary treats you cannot miss out on. I’m sure you’ve already put fries, chocolate and waffles on your to-do list. Below are a few recommendations for places where you can get them. If you also feel like having something more nutritious, try one of the Belgian restaurants that serve traditional Belgian dishes like carbonnade flamande (beer stew), bloempanch (blood sausage) or rabbit with prunes…

6 typical Brussels bars

Given that Brussels boasts a countless number of bars, you might be wondering where to go first. Below is a selection of special pubs in the city center of Brussels where you can try some of Belgian’s famous beers. Make sure to gulp them down with moderation, as they are pretty strong! You would be surprised. Apart from the beer selection, this shortlist has been made based on the exceptional setting and decoration of these places. You’ll find out ;-)

How to get around in Brussels?

Despite being a capital city, Brussels really isn’t that big which makes it easy to get around. Most of the main sights in the historical center are within walking distance of each other. For larger distances, Brussels has a decent offer of public transportation, made up by a network of metros, trams, buses and trains. This article describes how to get around in Brussels while offering a detailed overview of all the mobility options in Brussels.

Handy apps while in Brussels

You’re wondering how to get from A to B? Or where to eat tonight? You need the timetables of a bus, train, metro… Mobile applications make life so much easier as they provide the answers to all these questions. Also for Brussels, there is a series of apps that will come in handy when you’re visiting or living in Brussels. You’ll find the extensive list in this article about indispensable apps for Brussels.

Other places to visit in Belgium